Logo Juca Claret
Juca Claret Art Gallery opened its doors Claret in 2006 with the aim of bringing contemporary art to the general public, based on a brilliant selection of artists and a collection of versatile gallery.

The activity of this room speaker mounts respond to current, accessible, multidisciplinary, always with the cultural exchange with the public as objective and seeking to offer artistic experiences to the palate even alien to art.
With a growing reputation in the programming of emerging talents, Juca Claret is based on a commitment to the art scene in Madrid to extend their range and wealth nationally and internationally.

It is true that since its founding commitment to art has opted to feed a balanced portfolio of authors with certain common elements: medium format works with quality performances and sincere intentions.

These characteristic features are a reflection of the ultimate intention of the gallery: present contemporary art, of great artistic value at affordable prices possible. Or what comes to be expressed in its motto
Art for everyone.
In recent years he has participated, amont others, in several editions of the fair DEARTE Madrid and the First Edition of the Contemporary Art Fair in Irun with a more than satisfactory result..

Finally, regarding the exhibition program of the room about eight solo exhibitions organized by year and two or three collective painting, drawing, photography or digital art combined with exceptional permanent exhibition of sculptures.